Services of our supply Hololona

With more than ten years of experience in the field of supplying goods and equipment, we have trained more than 12000 of customers among companies and individuals. Our solutions have been characterized by offering multiple choices in the products categories such as electronic devices, electrical appliances and home furniture with easy, flexible and professional payment systems

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Maintenance Hololona Services

We are here to help you maintain your business assets and perform your business with ease and security. A team of trained technicians and engineers to provide consultation and maintenance of computers and networks and accessories. Our solutions offer a variety of maintenance offers, including monthly and annual ones, as well as the supply of equipment on demand. Just one call and our trained team will start to identify your needs, diagnose problems and work to solve them quickly and professionally

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Hololona Sale Online Services

We meet the expectations of our customers and volunteer the technology to serve them so we launched our online solutions shop for some of our products and facilitate the purchase of our customers. The store contains hundreds of diverse products and can be easily and safely purchased ...... Yes, our solutions store is a world of choices

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Marketinge Hololona Services

Our qualified team of marketing experts, creative designers and graphic designers offers marketing services that suit your business. We share you from the beginning by creating, formulating, implementing and communicating it to the target audience through the most influential channels, especially e-marketing channels. We will not let your idea get lost, but we will continue to make sure it reaches the target audience and our team will follow up with accurate reports and analyzes. We will provide you with comprehensive marketing services and manage your sites and web pages. You can rely on us to deliver your message and promote your activity to the target audience

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Information Technology HololonaServices

Our team of engineers, developers, and programmers have implemented and developed the programs you need to organize your business. The market research and study of customer needs in various activities and fields of work helped us to create support programs that facilitate and organize a business. Whatever you need is in your hands. sales management software ,accounting management software,human resource management software, purchasing management software, warehouse management software, project management software, property and asset management software and customer management programs. Just identify your needs and let us create the systems that you achieve

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CarRental Hololona Services

We are distinguished in the car rental activity with a fleet that includes many of the preferred car brands for our customers as well as the distinctive services such as car rental with the driver and also the delivery of the car to the place of the customer and receive from the place also offers fleet services at competitive prices suitable for different customer categories

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Monitoring Systems Hololona Services

Because the insurance of your business is important to us, our solutions have launched the installation of surveillance cameras for companies and shops as well as for homes and public places. We invest our long experience in IT to provide you with your business. With the best international cameras and professional extension works with the true warranty of the components. For more accuracy, the cameras are connected to the mobile so that the works can be tracked from anywhere. Our team is ready to inspect the site and provide advice and start implementation to suit your needs

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Collection Hololona Services

Thanks to God, our collection team, which was supported by a follow-up system, has become one of the best collection teams in the Saudi market, and because the expertise has to be invested in a good way. We have made it easy for our customers to benefit from our expertise and our ability to collect debts. We have the task of restoring lost opportunities and turning the non-existent into an available contact with our consultants in the collection and there will be a wonderful agreement that satisfies you and suits your business

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Travel & Toursim Hololona Services

Hololona for travel and tourism newly joint Hololona group
Among 15 years hololona keeps serving their customers considering 
the best value and competitive price​

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Construction Hololona Services

We are Specialized in Elevators Maintenance, Containers Supply Construction wast, Interior decoration designs for apartments, villas, offices and furniture design also we are Specialized in all construction types, Extraction all licenses and official papers Finishing and maintenance Structure all floor types





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Know Us

Board Chairman Word

Today, we have more than a dozen branches and offices in the Kingdom, based on a solid foundation that applies one of the administrative systems in the management of systems and installations, looking forward to it. Not only to expand regionally and locally, but to look at the world at all levels of the system and management and spread, bearing in mind the values ​​and principles that we have established and established our family - the family of our limited solutions - each of its members, investment in human development is the cornerstone of the success of business And their continuation

Vision and Mission

Achieving the leadership in different fields through multiple entities belonging to the parent entity Our Solutions Company Limited

Providing a successful entities interested in customers and employees to participate in building a successful business community

•    Commitment of promises with our customers and partners

•    Credibility and honesty in our transactions

•    Cooperation and teamwork

•    Accountability of community responsibility and community service

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