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Over more than ten years of hard work, planning, perseverance and professional teamwork, our limited solutions company has become a model for Saudi companies with many activities which are referred to as discipline, growth and development as well as good reputation in strict accuracy and rigor in fulfilling obligations towards their customers and suppliers.
Then with good planning and clear vision and strong financial position of the company has been able to achieve our successes in various areas,the most important field of supply of electronic, domestic appliances, furniture as well as providing computer maintenance services, technical services Information and programs as well as the establishment of websites that increased diversity of activity by adding a fleet of our solutions to rent cars and activate the services of planning and implementation of marketing campaigns for others and debt collection services for other companies


Achieving the leadership in different fields through multiple entities belonging to the parent entity Our Solutions Company Limited


Providing a successful entities interested in customers and employees to participate in building a successful business community


•    Commitment of promises with our customers and partners

•    Credibility and honesty in our transactions

•    Cooperation and teamwork

•    Accountability of community responsibility and community service

About Us