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About Hololona marketing

Hololona marketing is one of Hololona companies, a company that offers innovative marketing solutions to develop business with high quality and creativity by a creative team and experienced professionals accumulated over many years

We offer complete marketing solutions including advertising, e-marketing, graphic design, videos and web designs also Hololona Marketing offer graphics solutions, documentaries production, festival coverage, conferences, website development and social media marketing .

Vision, mission, and values

To be the first and best choice for companies and institutions operating in the Saudi market to provide marketing services.

Helping our clients to present themselves appropriately to the target audience, increasing competitive features and achieving goals.

Commitment to our promises to customers and partners

Credibility and honesty in our transactions

Collaboration and teamwork

Taking into community responsibility and community service

Advertising campaigns

We are working to make our brand as a market leader and focus on creating innovative ideas for advertising campaigns that fit our customer's products and target audience. Our marketing solutions are characterized by the ability to work within the budgets allocated to our clients and to achieve the best results in light of this. We follow the right scientific methods at work and study the market carefully so that we can achieve the best results for our customers.

Plan and execute campaigns in different media
Coverage and management of events
Purchasing and managing social networking platforms
Manage public relations with customers and success partners

Information Technology

Our marketing solutions have excellent technical staff through which to provide IT services which in turn contribute to increasing productivity and achieving the objectives

Web design and manage it
Design applications that fit all operating programs
Designing temporary web pages for time-limited campaigns

call center

We have a team that is trained to receive call center calls and contacts customers in different dialects according to market
Procedure telemarketing research
Display products to target customers through targeted communications
Receiving customer calls, explaining products, answering questions and complaints
Strengthen the relationship with customers by making congratulatory, thank-you and presentation calls


Our vast experience in e-marketing makes us perfectly qualified to manage marketing campaigns on various online media
Improve search engine visibility
Write content
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat campaigns
Send text messages of all kinds (normal/ hyper/flash)
Send Emails
Manage forums and social networking pages
Promotion via watts


With a professional team characterized by creativity and difference, we can turn your ideas into an attractive and influential work of art
Story cool writing and drawing action story
Filer designs, banners, publications, magazines and profiles
Logo design and full identity
Graphic, Infographic and Video Graphic
Short clips and montage
Voice over audio recordings

Promotional gifts

We have a large and varied list of promotional gifts to suit all types of customers and events to improve the mental image and maintain customer loyalty

We have a large structure with creative ideas and at different prices to suit all budgets

To put your brand on the gift and prepare it to be sent out perfectly to your customers