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A specialized team of collectors, legal persons, and accountants working in an integrated system to recover your money.

We are in the best collection institution for debt collection. We work hard and we are committed to providing solutions that satisfy our customers in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia. And services that promote us all to the global level, and to be the ideal choice for individuals and companies. The best collection company provides the service to its customers, individuals, institutions, and companies who wish to collect their money through a specialized team of experts from accountants and legally trained at the highest levels in the collection of troubled funds.

Why you choose Hololona for collection?

With over 15 years experience in debt collection for others, we will serve our clients and offer them the best results.
Collection and recovery of the financial debt of banks, companies, and individuals.
Collection and recovery of emerging, troubled and bad financial debts.
Collection and recovery of debt and clearance from the procrastinators.
Debt collection without advance payments Only a percentage of the amounts collected.
Collection and refund of bank check without balance, bills, and bonds.
Reports with all developments and continuous updating of the status of customers defaulting.
A professional legal team to provide support when needed.