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Among our hundreds of products, you will find your needs in Hololona store. It will be fun to shop online and meet the needs with competitive offers and prices. Our Online shopping store has designed to meet your needs like computers, Mobile and its accessories, games, printers,LCD and car accessories that are added regularly. Our online shopping Store identifies ease, professionalism, versatility, and security in your purchase. One visit to our store will be your first destination in online shopping

The importance and future of e-commerce

E-commerce in the Arab world grew to more than $ 15 billion last year, and e-commerce has become more popular than they were a few years ago. Experts also stress that the Arab region and local are considered one of the fastest growing areas in the world to work on e-commerce field cause of the availability of high-quality products with low prices than traditional trade.

Saudi Arabia, which is working to diversify its revenues at the present time to face the decline in oil prices, which contributed to its financial and economic strength during the past years,

Moved to the e-commerce sector and decided to create the largest investment fund in the world. It seems that during the coming year will see many surprises and good steps that will enhance trade in the Arab world, benefiting from competition as well as consumers.

Objectives of Hololona store over the next five years

Acquiring a percentage of the e-commerce market within the Saudi market
Start spreading through markets outside the Saudi market and structure new customer bases.
Establish warehouses for goods in different governorates Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Makkah to cover the increasing demand and open deals with new suppliers.

What is our online store?

Strong security system in the procurement process.
Great variety of products, whether major or subsidiary.
Our customer service is distinguished as the store belongs to a company that serves customers from 15 years ago and has a customer base of more than 12,000 customers.
Strong Offers.
Updating products and offering everything new to customers.
Professional marketing management that knows how to promote the store and maintain customer satisfaction.
Flexibility and support in shipping costs and bearing with the customer.
Diversity in payment and purchase methods where the customer can pay on a receipt as well as online purchase and receipt from branches.

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